Microsoft Windows 11 to be available for free starting October 5

Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out its new operating system– Windows 11– for all PC users starting from October 5. Windows 11 was announced earlier and was only available to select users who were a part of the Windows Insider program. On October 5, all eligible PCs will get Windows 11 update for free while laptops preloaded with Windows 11 will be also available.

If you have a Windows 10 laptop or desktop, chances are your device will get Windows 11 for free. Microsoft will distribute Windows 11 the same way it did with Windows 10 that was launched five years back. However, your PC needs to meet minimum hardware requirements which include 4GB of RAM, 64GB of free storage space and a 64-bit processor.

The hardware requirements are pretty less and most Windows 10 users will be eligible for the free upgrade. The new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft has an all-new design and a host of new features. There’s a new Start menu and Microsoft has also revamped the Start button. Both the Start menu and button are now centred on the taskbar. The Start menu also has a feature which we last saw in Windows 8 — Live Tiles. Wind

Meanwhile, Microsoft said that it won’t block users from installing Windows 11 on a PC with an older CPU. Users will have to rely on the ISO file to manually install Windows 11 on older PCs. However, there’s a catch. Microsoft will most likely not provide Windows Updates and security patches to incompatible PCs.

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